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The predecessor of Dihao furniture group is Hong Kong Dihao furniture group. Dihao furniture group is a large group company integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales, home decoration design and decoration, transportation, moving and installation. The company's brands are "Dihao, Emperor sleep, brorez, burcellee, Xu Dihao, xsdh," Jin "brand, seven star, Haima technology, Mrs. Xu's golden lady, etc. The market channels cover 198 countries and 28 regions around the world. Main products: mattresses, soft beds, sofas, all solid wood suites, European, American, French, Korean, hotel, office and other series of furniture, professional customized all kinds of furniture.
We have invested heavily in R & D, intelligent manufacturing, health, science and technology and wisdom mattresses. We are willing to complement each other's resources and serve our peers. We will jointly research and develop more health technology bedding, so that people all over the world can have a more healthy technology and comfortable sleep. All customers are our relatives and friends, serving all mankind. Strive to let all human beings quickly sleep on a suitable mattress for you, because what is suitable for you is better. The world sleep culture looks at China, and the Chinese Sleep culture looks at emperor Hao. Let the world know that good mattresses are made in China.


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